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Nationally Recognized by Employers across the Engineering Industry for providing qualified, highly-skilled C-Level & Engineering talent that adds value from day one.

C-Level recruiting, especially in the engineering verticals, is possibly one of the most specific and challenging markets to recruit top talent in. This is predominantly because not only do positions at the C-level come with great responsibilities; they are also difficult to fill because these positions require experience, unique skill-set, expertise, approach, and capabilities. Finding talent can be difficult but not when you partner with us at BPS Recruiting.

We are a nationally recognized search and recruiting firm that is dedicated to helping employers find top talent across all engineering verticals including:

  • Precast/ Prestressed Concrete Design-Build
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP Engineering)
  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Heavy Civil 

At BPS Recruiting, we can help you in recruiting all levels of talent including but not limited to CEOs, COOs VPs, Engineering Managers, CFOs, PMs, PEs, QA/QC Engineers, Overseas Contractors and other Engineering Professionals. We have three different types of searches we can provide you with depending on what would best fit your company and talent search:

  • Retained C-level Search
  • Contract to Hire Staffing & Recruiting
  • Contingency Search

At BPS Recruiting, we believe that talented employees drive the success of your business. Therefore, we strive to help you optimize and secure the most strategic component to your success that is your staff. We ensure this by leveraging on our widespread local and national recruiting network that we have built over the years, advanced technologies, proprietary process methodologies and a team of experienced staffing experts. The combination of all these factors helps us find the most talented, well-qualified and experienced candidates that fit your job description and placement needs perfectly.

Contact us today to discuss your Engineering and C-Level recruitment needs. We will provide you with top industry engineering professionals that match your job requirements.
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Retained Search

This type of search is when a client pays an agreed upon percentage of the anticipated commission based on the placement of the candidate. Retained Searches generally involve employed or passive candidates and require a more advanced search and negotiation. We prefer to operate on an exclusive basis on Retained Searches to preserve the confidentiality of all parties involved. Retained Search clients are a top priority and utilize our best resources.


Contingent Search

This type of search is when a client pays a commission after a placement is made. These searches often involve Non-Passive as well as Passive candidates usually within our pipeline that are willing to relocate or are already within the clients preferred area.


Contract To Hire

This is when a client brings on a candidate in which to evaluate his or her performance for a set period of time. After the agreed upon time has expired the client can decide to permanently on board the candidate or not. The commissions on Contract to Hire candidates are fair and negotiated by all parties up front.

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