PC #414 Production Manager

  • Prestressed - Precast Concrete Design Build
  • Illinois


The Production Manager works with the Plant Superintendent in scheduling the production personnel in the construction and stripping of precast concrete structures; leads and coaches the production personnel in performance of their work; communicates and collaborates with the other Production Managers and Quality Control personnel to optimize production quality and workflow; and supports the Plant Superintendent with company practices, policies and procedures.


  • Assists Plant Superintendent in establishing, managing and coordinating production schedules to meet delivery schedules and budget expectations.
  • Attends daily production meetings to discuss production schedules, concerns, and opportunities for improvement, and to ensure ongoing organizational collaboration.
  • Assumes responsibility for maintaining plant safety in accordance with the Safety Program.
  • Meets daily with the crew leaders to communicate and discuss anticipated production schedule, potential problems and to provide an opportunity to recommend procedure improvements or changes to ensure production of a quality product.
  • Ensures the complete fabrication of the precast concrete structure is accomplished by production personnel, permitting Quality Control personnel an opportunity to perform an audit of all work performed.
  • Works with the crew leaders to ensure that all crew members are engaged in productive work throughout the workday or are assigned to designated and pre-established job training, housekeeping or maintenance tasks.
  • Conducts preliminary and ongoing performance appraisals of production personnel and reviews with Plant Superintendent.
  • Conducts weekly toolbox talks on safety; make sure employees are working safely and follow all established safety policies
  • Works with the Plant Superintendent, Quality Control and production personnel to track and reduce the level of precast concrete structure rework and fixes.
  • Works with the Plant Superintendent to develop a list of prioritized productive tasks for production personnel to perform when scheduled production work is delayed or postponed.


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, construction management or related field
  • Ability to read and understand blueprints and projects plans
  • Ability to effective plan and allocate resources
  • Strong communication, organization and project management skills


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