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the BPS Mission

Specialization Equals Better Results

The BPS advantage is a driving force that begins with superior knowledge that our team brings to specific industries and clients. Our recruiters’ due diligence leads the process of understanding our clients and their projects. It is this knowledge and expertise that produces superior talent.

What makes us different is our methodology, which begins with a strong face-to-face interview process and thorough background checks. Our partners benefit from our industry-leading search techniques, to ensure their needs are met with the best possible candidate.

“Nobody goes to the lengths BPS Recruiting does for us. They always do whatever it takes to ensure we have the right people on the right projects. Because talent moves fast. They don’t just keep up – they stay ahead of pace.”

“Their team knows the demands of our industry and always customize their search process for every position needing filled. Our requirements are unique, but we can always count on BPS to be attentive to our needs and provide us with the best people.”

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BPS Candidate Search Types

From professional engineers to skilled tradesmen, we get results. Whether you need an advanced search for a highly skilled position, or are in need of general labor or tradesmen on-demand, we customize the search process to find the best talent for you.


Helping USACE Engineers
Transition to Civilian Careers

Deliver vital public and military engineering services; partnering in peace and war to strengthen our Nation’s security, energize the economy and reduce risks from disasters.