Concrete Finisher #320

, Precast & Prestressed Concrete Design Build


The Concrete Finisher role is essential and assists the project team in ensuring timely and successful completion of construction projects.

  • Working with concrete crew on and around concrete forms assisting with concrete placements
  • Working with buckets and pump truck to place concrete
  • Finish concrete to meet tolerances
  • Use bull float and trowel to finish the surface
  • Use a broom to achieve broom finish if necessary
  • Curb Machine finishing experience a plus.
  • Perform all additional duties that may be assigned


  • Must have own hand tools
  • Lift and carry 100-pound bags of cement and sand
  • Push and pull screed over concrete while bent over
  • Repetitive stooping, bending and kneeling
  • Use of mechanical screed and /or trowel float to smooth concrete
  • Working around permissible levels of dust, chemicals and curing compound
  • Wear respirator for grinding and other required operations
  • Occupation hazards and standard safety precautions necessary in the workplace
  • Must be able to pass a drug screening
  • Minimum age 18
  • Proof of Identity and Employment Authorization
  • Three to five years of experience
  • Ability to freehand curb
  • Ability to finish steps
  • Ability to use a flat and trowel to finish concrete
  • Ability to rod concrete